Introducing PandaFlow

TL;DR: Eric and I have decided to build a new product. Happy New Year!!

Background: Eventgrid (the last product we developed) was acquired in 2017 by Doubledutch, both Eric and I worked there; led and managed the product for two years. Cvent recently acquired Doubledutch, and we decided to leave, and have decided to start a new product.

Problem: When we were implementing Eventgrid (enterprise event management software) with customers, we consistently ran into application integration and automation problems. Enterprises had plenty of apps but no easy tool to integrate them or the engineering bandwidth with which to connect them. We've decided to tackle this problem with our new product.

Solution: Meet PandaFlow — PandaFlow is an automation platform that enables both business users and developers to integrate their apps and create automated workflows easily. Companies are increasingly enabling (and sometimes expecting) non-technical business users to automate their workflows to get their work done. PandaFlow offers built-in integrations to many of the most popular SaaS applications. PandaFlow’s ease of use, with its machine learning capabilities, helps companies integrate and automate more quickly and at a fraction of the cost of what it would take to build the same integrations in-house.

We believe: Automation will be critical as the enterprise move to replace repetitive tasks. Enterprises are embracing new best of breed SaaS applications and finding new efficiencies, but at the same time, they’re creating a morass of unconnected islands. Today’s typical company runs more than 20+ SaaS applications. With the proliferation of apps within the organization, development teams are unable to handle all the workflow integration needs that businesses require to streamline operations.

No Code/Low Code : The no-code/low-code movement has opened up massive opportunities for teams to get their work done faster and without engineering help. Increasingly businesses are connecting apps and creating compelling use cases; however, they still need to create cross-application workflows and synchronize data to drive truly successful business outcomes and insights.

AI/ML : AI/ML will have a transformational impact on businesses as we go beyond process automation and business logic; they will need to have deep insights on business value creation. Major cloud vendors all have added pre-built AI/ML models, and we plan to make it easy to apply these tools for business users within Pandaflow. We will add the ability to add AI/ML logic within the workflow to enhance data on various steps. More to come on this later.

If your organization could benefit from connecting and automating various apps and adding intelligent workflows, please let me know.