How to Setup Facebook Shops with Booker Data

Facebook announced Shops a few months ago, a new eCommerce offering that sits directly on Facebook. Previously, Facebook and Instagram acted as an extension of your existing eCommerce store, the latest offering with Facebook Shops has more flexibility to merchandise and organize your products in a more integrated UI within Facebook. Facebook is slowly rolling out the new Facebook and Instagram Shops to more users. You will see a new options menu on the left if you have this available.

If you don’t have a full eCommerce platform, you can launch a store selling only through Facebook/Instagram without having a full-fledge store with an app like Shopify or Magento or any other software. You can keep customers in the Facebook app experience without sending them to a website. This may make a lot of sense for SMB that doesn’t want to maintain a full Shopify Store have.

How to get started with FaceBook and Instagram Shop.

It is easy to get started on Facebook Shops. However, you will need few things before you can start on it. Here is a checklist of things you will need before you can begin.

1. Setup your Facebook Shop

In order to set up your Facebook Shop need to

- Be a Facebook Page admin

- Be a Business Manager Admin

You will need the following items :

1. Your physical business location address and email address

2. Federal Tax Identification Number (EIN) that matches your legal name, for IRS reporting (US only).

3. State Tax Registration Number for every state where you do business, (US only).

4. Your bank account for payouts(US only).

5. The name, social security number and date of birth of your business representative, for identity verification (US only)

6. Your shipping options, return policy and customer service email (if eligible for checkout).

Once your Shop is approved, you will need to go, Commerce Manager and Start uploading your products.

2. Upload your products :

The best and easiest ways to upload to use Google Sheets. Export all the data into Google Sheets and add

You can either use manually upload your product or you can use Google Sheets.

If you use Pandaflow, the product sync can happen automatically and you can avoid manual work.

3. Create Collection

You will need to create a collection before the soft can be live. Go shopping and Crate Collections.

‍4. Go Live with Facebook Shops and share with your friends.

If you need help with the setup get in contact with us at