Integrate MindBody and Shopify

Get your Mindbody location and Shopify Store synced and automated.

Sync MinBody and Shopify seamlessly.

Sync all your MindBody Products to Shopify

Sync Shopify Orders to MindBody

Sync Customer from Shopify to MindBody

Sync Inventory from MindBody to Shopify

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MindBody and Shopify Integration

Sync Products and Services

Sync all your products and services from MindBody to Shopify

Sync Sales & Taxes.

Sync Shopify and MindBody Orders

Sync Inventory

Sync the inventory from MindBody to Shopify

Sync Customers

Sync customer between Shopify and MindBody


Keep products in sync

Keep all your products and services in sync. Products and services created in Mindbody will be automatically sync and update in Shopify.

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Sync Shopify Sales in MindBody

All your Shopify Sales data will be automatically be synced in MinBody and added in your clients purchase history tab.

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Your inventory Synced

Your products inventory will always be synced between both systems in real-time. When someone buys an item in Shopify, the inventory in Mindbody wil be automatically adjusted

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Sync Customer Data

All Shopify customer data will be synced back to MindBody when the orders are created in Shopify

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free Trial

Yes, Pandaflow comes with a free 7 Day Trail.

How does it work?

Pandaflow is a third party application that works with MinBody. You will connect both MinBody and Shopify in Pandaflow and create workflows to sync data. It connects using the MBO location ID and syncs using product SKUs or Barcode (pulls product name, description, images, inventory, price, taxes, etc.)

Do new products added in MBO automatically sync over to Shopify


Will a new customer in Shopify create a new profile in MBO ?

Yes. If a customer purchases on Shopify, Pandaflow will look up that customer’s info in MindBody(first name, email). If they don’t yet exist a new profile is created.

Does MindBody need to do anything to set up the integration?

No. Pandaflow will manage all setup and support. Chat and email support are available on Pandaflow’s site (which customers can reach through the Partner Store).

Does the credit card transaction happen on MBO's payment processor, or Shopify’s?

The transaction runs on Shopify’s processor which means the payment will go through Shopify Payment Processor

Does Shopify’s payment processor allow the sale of CBD products?

Per Shopify’s website: Shopify will permit US merchants to sell topical and consumable hemp and/or hemp-derived CBD products, provided that they are operating in a state where the sale of their product is explicitly permitted and they comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including those in the jurisdiction of their customers.

For new MBO customers, should they wait to connect with Pandaflow to upload products?

No: new customers should set up (or upload) their products to MBO first. This is the first step to getting the integration connected and syncing with Shopify.

Does Pandaflow support multi-location accounts?

Yes, Pandaflow can connect to multiple locations.

What kind of support is available?

Support is available via email Or chat: (Available 9-6 EST, with email reply outside of business hours)

How much does Pandaflow cost?

Pandaflow costs $49 for each MBO instance and $39 for additional locations.

Are there any special promotions offered to customers?

Yes: All new customers receive a 7-day free trial.

What’s the difference between the tiers, and why would some customers pay more?

Price depends on the number of orders per month. For busy Shopify main locations may need higher tier

Who would need to use more operations?

Businesses with large online product stores (1000+ products) will sell more products and most likely want to sync their inventory multiple times daily, using more operations. Businesses with smaller stores (and therefore, smaller sales volume) probably only need to sync once a day. The customer can select their own syncing preferences in their Pandaflow account.

Can you upgrade and downgrade based on the season?

Yes, If the their subscription usage, you will pay for Pro ($79/mo.) just for that month. Pandaflow will reach out to notify them that their usage is high and confirm the higher price point for that month. But when usage returns to normal, they’ll go back to Starter ($49/mo.)

What are “connectors” listed in the price tiers?

In addition to Pandaflow’s Shopify integration for MBO, the company has a variety of other “connectors” for systems like Quickbooks and Google Sheets. Customers can add these on the existing plan.

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