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Start automating your daily tasks in seconds using our ready to use workflow templates. Pandaflow is a more poweful aternative to Shopify Flow.

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Automate Fulfillment

Monitor Inventory Levels

Segment customers with tags

Schedule Product Releases

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Connect all your business apps

Connect your Shopify store to all the business apps you use with our built-in connectors and create workflows using our easy to use drag and drop editor. Add multiple conditions, logic and get your done faster in less time.

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Automate Workflows

Use our easy to use drag and drop tools to create workflows. You can create any workflows using our tools to automate your repetitive tasks and save hours.

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Workflows that you can create with Pandaflow

Receive email alerts when inventory levels change

Receive email alerts when inventory levels changes

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Unpublish products that fall below a rolling sales threshold

Unpublish products that fall below a certain number

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Remind customers after x days about unpaid orders

Make it easy to stay connected with this system that reminds your customers about their pending orders on a configurable schedule.

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Email customers when they are tagged

Send email when customers are tagged

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Hide out-of-stock products

Auto hide out of stock products

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