Real-time Zoom to Salesforce integration.

Real-time insight and analytics about events are essential to making data-driven business decisions. So we are introducing a Pandaflow Event Connector that gives you a 360° view of all your Virtual Events Data directly into Salesforce.

Salesforce Virtual Event Dashboard

It is critical to know all the virtual event KPIs. In addition, you will need to show this data to stakeholders such as sales and your management team. Therefore, we recommend creating a dashboard directly on your Salesforce. Our solution avoids all the reporting in Zoom and gives you insights within the context of your customer base.

Here are some of the Automations you can create between Zoom and Salesforce via Pandaflow, which will help you create a dashboard.

  • ‍Create Campaigns for all-new Events created on Zoom
  • Synchronization of Attendee data and Webinar Participant in Salesforce
  • Send email to the participant directly via Salesforce Campaign
  • Sync all meetings and Webinar with your Google Calendar
  • Automatically save Recorded sessions into Salesforce
  • Automatically transcribe meeting notes - Summarize call notes
  • Add Activities on all the users who Attended
  • Add analytics about your attendees in your Salesforce

Create Campaigns for all-new Events created on Zoom

As soon as the events are created in Zoom, Salesforce automatically creates a Campaign with the same name. Participants are then tracked through this campaign.

Track registrants and attendees

The Pandaflow Salesforce Connector automatically uploads registrants' and attendees' information into Salesforce, including how long someone stayed on your Webinar.

Send email from campaign.

Our Salesforce Connector combined with our Predictive Marketing allows you to send mass emails from Salesforce to your registrants.

Automatically save Recorded sessions into Salesforce

Once the Webinar is completed, automatically add the recording links and update the activities for all attendees that attended the Webinar.

Automatically transcribe the entire Webinar and post summary for each attendee.

Automatically add transcriptions and summary notes about your Webinars.

Measure your Zoom Webinar success in Salesforce

With Zoom data synced into Salesforce, you can build powerful reports around your Zoom event, compare your Webinar against previous webinars, and pinpoint your most engaged Zoom attendees.

On the next guide, I will document how to use Panda Events Dashboards to understand the true ROI of all your virtual events.