Conversation Intelligence

Add the voice of your customers directly into Salesforce

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Eleveate your Sales Team with Conversation Intelligence

Sync Zoom Meetings directly into Salesforce

Add Recorded Calls in Salesforce

Post full transcriptions of your meetings

Post summary of your meetings

Analyze sentiments of your meetings

Automate Workflows

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Maximize the value of all all your sales call

Streamline the process of getting all the conversation with the customer and get the meeting conversation data directly into Salesforce. Monitor calls, get insights and take action.

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Hear directly from your customers mouth

PandaFlow Zoom Meeting Salesforce syncs automatically posts the recording to Salesforce, creates transcriptions and create summary of your call.

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Workflows that you can create with Pandaflow

Sync Meetings Data

Sync all your meetings with Salesforce

Post recording to Salesforce

Post transcripts of your meeting directly in Salesforce

Get Meeting Attendees Data

Know who attended the meeting

Share Best Practices

Share the best practices from the best Sales people

Targeted Feedback

Seek out specific words or phrase through searches and provide feedback

Create Content

Based on the customer voice create content for your sales team

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Accelerate your sales with Zoom Meetings Data

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