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Adjust Inventory Level

Cancel Order

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Connect Inventory level

Count Order

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Create Customer

Create Order

Create Product

Create Product Varient

Create a company

Create a new contact

Create customer metafield

Create or Update contact

Customer Count

Delete Customer

Delete Customer Meatafield

Delete Order

Delete Webhook by Id

Delete a comapany

Delete a contact

Get Balance

Get Collections by ID

Get Contact Ids at company

Get Customer by ID

Get Customers Orders

Get Inventory Items

Get Inventory Level

Get Inventory by ID

Get Invitation Account URL

Get Order by ID

Get Orders

Get Product by ID

Get Recently Create Companies

Get a batch of contact by email address

Get a company

Get all companies

Get all contacts

List Customers

List Customers Metafield

List Product

List Transactions

Open Order

Search Customers

Send invite to customers

Set Inventory Level

Update Inventory Items

Update Order

Update Product

Update Product Varient

Update customer

Update customer field

Update existing contacts

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Connect all your business apps you use with our built-in connectors and create workflows using our easy to use drag and drop editor. Add multiple conditions, logic and get your done faster in less time.

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Automate Workflows

Use our easy to use drag and drop tools to create workflows. You can create any workflows using our tools to automate your repetitive tasks and save hours.

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