AWS re:Invent Sponsor Bot Attendant

PandaFlow's AWS re:invent bot attendant allows you to monitor the sponsor chat with notifications instantly sent to a designated Slack channel or email list - without you or your team having to be logged into the chat portal continuously.

After you sign up, just follow the instructions here to set up your bot attendant.

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Bot that monitors your sponsor chat

Having spent too much of our lives on the trade show floor, and with re:invent running for 3 weeks this year, the team here at PandaFlow thought it would be worthwhile to simplify the monitoring of virtual booth chat channels by creating a nifty notification service.

Now, instead of having different sales team members continuously monitor the re:invent chat site, they can just watch a single Slack or Teams channel (or email list for you die hards).

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In addition to simplifying trade show chat monitoring, you can use PandaFlow to accomplish tons of different types of integrations:

Social Media

Monitor Social media Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook for mentions

Enrich Sales Data

Enrich Prospect data using ClearBit

Automate Prospecting

Automatically find Leads on LinkedIn

Integrate with CRM

Integrate data with Salesforce, HubSpot etc.

Automate Lead Generation

Scrape website and build leads

Automate Outbound Emails

Automate your outbound emails

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